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De Warempel vegetarian main
Best vegetarian restaurant in Ghent
August 24, 2014

Why veggies should head to Warempel, this Belgian hidden gem is the best vegetarian restaurant in Ghent.

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Looking up at Maastricht's monastery hotel
Maastricht monastery hotel, Kruisherenhotel
August 17, 2014

If you’re looking for a stay out of the ordinary the boutique Maastricht monastery hotel, the Kruisherenhotel, is simply heavenly.

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Parkfield Inn Whitefield Manchester starter
Parkfield Inn Whitefield
August 10, 2014

A gastropub in the middle of surburbia, the Parkfield Inn Whitefield is definitely a North Manchester hidden gem.

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Grenache restaurant North Manchester
Grenache restaurant Manchester
July 6, 2014

Chances are you won’t have a clue where Walkden is in Manchester. But it’s worth finding out as it’s home to Grenache restaurant.

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Jeri Brazil sunset dune
My top 5 places to stay in Brazil
June 15, 2014

Finding decent accommodation in Brazil can be tricky so here are my hidden gems, the top 5 places to stay in Brazil off the beaten track.

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