If you’re prepared for the looong wait then this is definitely the best Moroccan restaurant in Amsterdam

I’ve walked past Mamouche, the best Moroccan restaurant in Amsterdam, numerous times but it wasn’t until recently that I ventured to pay it a visit. Mamouche is situated in a busy part of the Amsterdam’s trendy De Pijp neighbourhood and home to Albert Cuyp market. The area is teeming with trendy bars (like hidden speakeasy the Butcher) and restaurants, making it easy to overlook the best Moroccan restaurant in Amsterdam.

Mamouche Morrocan restaurant in De Pjip

Mamouche the best Morrocan restaurant in Amsterdam

From the outside Mamouche looks quite posh. There are tables and chairs outdoors where you can sit outside if the weather is nice. Inside the restaurant has an intimate feel. Our table was next to the bar where we were mesmerised by the bartender making cocktails.

Mamouche Amsterdam starter

Our starter at Mamouche was a generous portion

The contemporary menu at Mamouche is a mixture of Moroccan and French influences. We decided to share a starter of a tuna bric, a generous sized portion which was delicious. I have to admit when it comes to Moroccan food I don’t really expect it to be fine dining. But at the best Moroccan restaurant in Amsterdam I was proven wrong. I was particularly impressed by the presentation of the dishes at Mamouche. Our starter resembled a giant samosa and the crisp pastry, almost tempura like in batter, covered tuna in the middle. This was served with a salad with a sweet dressing.

Mamouche seabass couscous

My surprising seabass couscous at Mamouche, the best Moroccan restaurant in Amsterdam

Main courses were equally as exquisite. I had ordered seabass with couscous and was expecting couscous with pieces of seabass in it. What eventually arrived was a revelation. Sweet sultana couscous topped with sweet onions, chickpeas and a delicately cooked piece of seabass was surprisingly light. The sweetness of the sauce and the couscous could have been overpowering but it worked well as it was offset by the slightly salty seabass. Sharps had the special, guinea fowl, morels and potato crisps. He said had a pleasant cinnamon flavour running through it.

Mamouche restaurant meat main

The guinea fowl special at Mamouche, an Amsterdam hidden gem

I’d have to say that the food at Mamouche was faultless making it an Amsterdam hidden gem. But my only reservation (and it’s a big one) about it being the best Moroccan restaurant in Amsterdam sadly is the service. The staff were polite and helpful but what was unacceptable was the ridiculous wait between courses. From getting our starter to having our main was nearly an hour and a half.  We asked a couple of times how much longer it would be, each time being told soon, which clearly wasn’t the case. It actually got to the point where we were so hungry we told the waiter to forget about our main courses and to just bring us the bill. He then brought us a glass of wine each by way of an apology and our food miraculously appeared quite sharpish after that. I’m glad we stayed as it would have been a real shame to miss out on the main event. But I guess it depends how much patience, and time you have, as to whether you think it worth going to the best Moroccan restaurant in Amsterdam.

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