Seal watching in Morston is just one of the Norfolk coast hidden gems

In much need of a break, I decided an exploration of some of the UK’s coastline was long overdue, and after some debate (and checking where had the cheapest train fares) I opted for a jaunt to Norfolk to check out some  Norfolk coast hidden gems. Because I didn’t have a car I based myself in the seaside town of Cromer. In all honesty it doesn’t have that much going for it, other than being famous for Cromer crab, as everything seemed to shut down around 4pm.

Blackeney Point seals Morston Norfolk

The best of the Norfolk coast hidden gems, seal spotting at Blakeney Point Norfolk

I was also pretty disappointed by our accommodation Ogilvy House, a B&B which had rave reviews on TripAdvisor. I fully expected it be a Norfolk coast hidden gem in itself. Normally I wouldn’t even bother to mention it, because the point of my blog is to recommend things I love and that stand out. But because it stood out for all the wrong reasons, mainly its rude, passive aggressive owner who even went as far as to make personal comments about my appearance, I wanted to flag it up as somewhere to avoid.

Hunstanton beach on the Norfolk coast

Hunstanton beach on the Norfolk coast

Luckily all  wasn’t lost though as there are plenty of other Norfolk coast hidden gems that can be explored from Cromer. The easiest way to do this by far is to drive. Failing that, the handy Coast Hopper bus operates along the Norfolk coast, letting you get on and off wherever you want along the way. The only snag is that the buses do get quite full, and they also finish late afternoon, so depending on where you’re based you may have to cut your day-trip short to be able to get back. I’d recommend a stop in Morston as from here you can take a trip to see a seal colony at Blakeney Point. This was the highlight of my stay and the Norfolk coast hidden gems.

Seals at Blakeney Point Norfolk

Getting up close to seals on the Norfolk coast

The day I set out from Morston it was pretty miserable and foggy so I was a bit worried I wouldn’t get to spot any seals. Just the opposite was true. It was pretty amazing as I  couldn’t believe how many seals, both grey and common, we got to see up close. I opted to book a trip with Temples Seal Trips which costs £10 for adults, £5 for children, and was worth every penny. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and the one-hour boat trip also included the option of going onshore for an additional hour at Blakeney Point. Back in Morston you can also check out the foodie Norfolk coast hidden gems. Firstly there’s Morston Hall, a luxury hotel and Michelin starred restaurant. Or if you prefer something a bit more casual the Anchor Inn Morston serves up hearty gastropub grub.

Norfolk cpast hidden gems Wells-next-the-Sea

The beach at Wells-next-the-Sea

Despite the weather being a bit rubbish we also took the opportunity to check out some of the Norfolk coasts best beaches. Wells-Next-The-Sea, Holkham, my favourite spot amongst the Norfolk coast hidden gems, and Hunstanton are all along the Coast Hopper bus route. Holkham beach has been used as the backdrop in lots of films, including Shakespeare in Love, and one of the Norfolk coast hidden gems. Not only can you sunbathe, or walk across the seemingly endless stretch of sand, but Holkham is also home to 18th century house Holkham Hall which has a deer park in its grounds. It might have been foggy and rainy on my visit to the Norfolk coast hidden gems but they still gets my seal of approval.

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