Why veggies should head to Warempel, the best vegetarian restaurant in Ghent

Belgium isn’t the easiest of countries to visit as a vegetarian so I was quite excited when someone recommended that I check out Warempel, the best vegetarian restaurant in Ghent. I have to admit that after a stay in Antwerp I was pleasantly surprised that Ghent seemed to offer a much wider choice of  options for non-meat eaters.

De Warempel vegetarian main

A vegetarian feast at Warempel restaurant

As usual with lots of my hidden gems my first obstacle was actually finding Warempel. Although the best vegetarian restaurant in Ghent is relatively central to all of Ghent’s main tourist attractions it’s tucked away down a little side street which explains what makes it so popular with locals. It’s so well hidden that we almost missed it (there was lots of building work going on down the street during my visit) but thankfully someone pointed us in the right direction.

De Warempel vegetarian lasagne

Vegetarian lasagne a Warempel staple

Sharps usually complains that it takes me ages to decide what to order. Luckily then for him the menu at Ghent’s best vegetarian restaurant is quite small. There’s the option of a starter of the soup of the day (mushroom the day we were there). Then there’s a choice of two main courses, one of which changes on a daily basis  and the other being a vegetable lasagne.

De Warempel best vegetarian restaurant in Ghent

Hidden  away down a side street, de Warempel, the best vegetarian restaurant in Ghent

We decided to order one of each and share and we weren’t disappointed with either dish. A huge portion of creamy, tomatoey vegetable lasagne was served with various salads on the side. The dish of the day, vegetable samosas, consisted of spicy vegetables wrapped up in a fried, flaky pastry that wasn’t too greasy. Beautifully presented, it also came with a veritable feast of sides including a serving of saffron rice with sultanas, cauliflower florets in a mildly spiced tomato sauce, sweet carrot with flakes of coconut and a cucumber salad.

Inside De Warempel restaurant Ghent

Step inside Ghent’s best vegetarian restaurant

It ‘s not just the food that makes De Warempel the best vegetarian restaurant in Ghent. Service was friendly and helpful and the atmosphere was quite laidback. I spotted a few solo diners as well as a mix of couples and friends out for a casual (and delicious) lunch. The only down side is that the best vegetarian restaurant in Ghent is only open between 11.45am to 2pm on weekdays, with the exception of Fridays when it opens from 6-9pm. Evenings, De Warempel is open but just for group bookings  from 20 people, which is a real shame. I’ve no doubt a dinner menu at the best vegetarian restaurant in Ghent would be equally as tasty as lunch here.

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