The city of Fortaleza in North East Brazil is one of the World Cup 2014 host cities. As I’ve previously mentioned, personally, the only reason to stop in Fortaleza is to check out the highest waterslide in the world. We were flying home out of Fortaleza but we decided this wasn’t somewhere we wanted to spend the last few days of our Brazil trip. I suggested we head along the coast (three hours by coach) to Canoa Quebrada, a resort popular with Brazilians and weekenders from Fortaleza. At least we’d be near the beach and out of a big city. There was just one snag. Finding somewhere to stay.

Canoa Quebrada Brazil beach

The red coloured rock of Canoa Quebrada’s beaches, popular with Brazilians

I’d like to pretend otherwise but I totally lucked out when I came across the utterly gorgeous Dona Flor, Canoa Quebrada’s best pousada by a long shot. Unknown to us, our last few days in Brazil managed to coincide with yet another public holiday. I’d highly recommend checking out the dates of public holidays in Brazil before you travel as it’s a massive headache otherwise. This meant that of course every pousada was fully booked in Canoa Quebrada. All of the pousada owners I contacted were very helpful, trying to suggest alternative places we could stay, but to no avail. Then, after extensive research, I came across the pousada Dona Flor, a luxury boutique hotel style pousada located in a quiet street in Canoa Quebrada.

Dona Flor pousada Canoa Quebrada swimming-pool

Taking a dip in the pool at the Dona Flor, Canoa Quebrada

From the pictures I’d seen the Dona Flor pousada looked amazing. It was bound to be full. Unbelievably, the owners told us they had a smaller room vacant – they didn’t normally rent out as it wasn’t quite ready (ie it didn’t have a TV) but if we didn’t mind then we could stay there for the holiday weekend.

Dona Flor pousada Canoa Quebrada Brazil view balcony

The view from our balcony at the pousada Dona Flor, Canoa Quebrada

We actually arrived in Canoa Quebrada a few days earlier than anticipated. On arrival at the Dona Flor we were upgraded to the best suite they had, complete with our own balcony where we could take refuge from the midday sun. We were in fact the only guests for the first few days of or stay, something I still can’t get over as this chic pousada is divine.

Pousada Dona Flor entrance

The entrance to the pousada Dona Flor

I can only put its lack of occupancy down to the fact that because it’s tucked away down a small street away from the main drag, and that the Dona Flor is relatively new in comparison to other pousadas in Canoa Quebrada, making it a real hidden gem. But I’m not complaining. It meant we could take full advantage of the pool and the sunloungers (the tide comes in relatively early in Canoa Quebrada so the pool and sunloungers are an added bonus if you want to sunbathe).

Canoa Quebrada Brazil beach red rock

Canoa Quebrada’s famous red rock

I’d had my reservations about ending our Brazil trip in Canoa Quebrada. I’d read that Canoa Quebrada used to be a mecca for hippies in the 70s its chilled out vibe is long gone. And its fair to say that The Broadway, Canoa Quebrada’s main pedestrianised tourist street, is basically a strip of bars and restaurants geared to pulling in the tourists. It’s particularly loud and leery at weekends when Brazilians, especially it would seem teenagers, flock to Canoa Quebrada to drink lots and party. Thankfully, although the Dona Flor isn’t that far away from the main action, this hidden gem in Canoa Quebrada feels worlds apart.


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