It goes without saying I was on a quest to find the best sunset in Kauai while on holiday there. I’d been told that the The Beach House in Kauai is famous for being one of the best spots to watch the sun go down on the Hawaiian island. In fact, pretty much wherever we went people told us a visit to The Beach House restaurant was a must if we wanted to see the best sunset in Kauai.

Best sunset in Kauai at the Beach House

Catch the best sunset in Kauai at the Beach House

Luckily for us, the Beach House is located in Poipu on Kauai’s south shore. It was just a short $10 taxi ride from the gorgeous Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa where we were staying (you can read my review here).

The Beach House restaurant Kauai

The Beach House restaurant Kauai

I could see why The Beach House has also been named as the most romantic restaurant in Kauai, and one of the most romantic restaurants in Hawaii. Its setting is idyllic. The Beach House restaurant is situated right next to the beach. Perfect if you want to spend an afternoon sunbathing as you can then pop over for cocktails at its bar, which overlooks the ocean, and get a prime seat to watch the best sunset in Kauai.

Sundowners at the Beach House Kauai

Sundowners at the Beach House Kauai

Our dinner was booked for 5.30pm (people dine early in Hawaii so you can eat and watch the sunset) and as we arrived a little early were sat in the bar area and ordered a cocktail. It was pretty packed and by 6pm there was a queue to get in. Probably because word’s out that this Hawaiian hidden gem has views of the best sunset in Kauai. We were shown to our outdoor table where we had great views of the sky turning an orange hue, definitely the best sunset in Kauai that we’d seen.

The Beach House restaurant Kauai's tuna poke

The Beach House restaurant Kauai’s tuna poke

Then we turned our attention to the menu which was filled with an array of fresh fish. My starter of slightly seared tuna poke was served in a crispy wanton basket and drizzled in a wasabi sauce. Sharps’ Beach House ceviche – scallops, tiger prawns, fresh island fish, avocado, tomato, cucumber, and cilantro, served with sweet potato crips on the side – was light and limey.

Beach House restaurant Kauai lobster mac and cheese

Sharps couldn’t get enough of the Beach House restaurant’s lobster mac and cheese

Both of us had fish for our main. My opa (moonfish) came in a wasabi butter crust that tasted a bit like cheese. Sharps said his crab crusted island catch of monchong (sea pomfret) was softer than my fish and the mandarin Thai orange glaze with kabayaki reminded him of sweet and sour sauce. But the star dish for Sharps was the lobster mac and cheese. He said the pasta was cheesy and al dente and the addition of the sweet lobster gave more depth to the dish.

Beach House restaurant Kauai dessert

Breakfast is served

Why I ordered dessert is beyond me (actually that’s not true – zero willpower and greed are just two suggestions). But I found it impossible to resist the sound of the Hawaiian carrot cake with macadamia nuts, pineapple and cheese frosting. Though I’m not usually a pudding person this was my favourite of all the courses. It was gigantic and after a mouthful of the soft, moist cake I was ready to burst. Thankfully our waiter had told us that they could always box it up for us to take home with us which is exactly what we did. We ate it for breakfast next day. Sharps on the other hand had no problem demolishing his rich, gooey chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream. If you’re after good food (the Beach House also won the accolade of Kauai best restaurant) and views of the best sunset in Kauai you’ll feel right at home at the Beach House.

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