Pasta dishes aren’t normally something I’d order if I’m eating out. I almost see it as a bit of a waste as I can quite easily cook pasta myself at home, though admittedly not from scratch. So when my friend Bal said he wanted to go to an Italian restaurant in De Pijp when we were in Amsterdam I bit the bullet. Food in Amsterdam can be a bit hit and miss so I figured pasta is something most restaurants can’t go wrong with.

Spaghetteria best Italian De Pijp

Spaghetteria, the best Italian restaurant in De Pijp

We literally stumbled across Spaghetteria, a pasta bar and Italian restaurant in De Pijp located on Van Woust. I was a bit dubious, especially as there were only six dishes on the menu if this Italian restaurant in De Pijp – two vegetarian, two fish and two meat. But it was cheap (a rarity in Amsterdam) and looked cheerful so we decided to give it a go. Plus there was a queue of people waiting which we took to be a good sign. The waiter explained that three dishes tend to be regular features (depending on the availability of ingredients – they literally buy produce in season and use it till it runs out, then create a new dish.

Spahetteria restauarnt De Pijp spahetti with clams

Spaghetti with a generous helping of clams

Then came a dilemma. The vegetarian dish of pasta with a tomato and chilli sauce (9) was making my mouth water, but I couldn’t bring myself to order it as it seemed such a boring choice. The alternative was a pasta with wild mushrooms, but I’m not a fan of creamy sauces. After much deliberating, I even ordered the tomato pasta only for poor Sharps to then have to ask the waiter to change it for me (I was too embarrassed). The guys were much more decisive. Bal picked spaghetti mixed with a generous portion of clams (12?) that he said tasted fresh and light. Sharps had pasta with soft, wild boar in a red wine sauce (14?).

Spaghetteria Italian restaurant De Pijp wild boar pasta

Wild boar pasta at De Pijp’s best Italian restaurant

Portions were huge, each served with a side of bread, and we all greedily devoured the lot. My dislike of creamy sauces proved to be unfounded in this instance as my dish was bursting with the flavours from the mushrooms, big chunks of garlic, complimented by a hint of strong cheese. Spaghetteria is a great Italian restaurant in De Pjip. It’s definitely one of my foodie Amsterdam hidden gems and has changed my opinion of eating pasta when I’m out at a restaurant. I just hope Sharps doesn’t expect the same standard at home now too.

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