I’ve already posted about my journey getting to Boipeba Island, Bahia’s hidden gem. Boipeba is a tiny island 100km south of Salvador in Bahia, Brazil. I’ve also shared my amazing find and the best place to stay in Boipeba here, the Pousada Mangabeiras which would be the ideal stay for a Boipeba honeymoon.

Boipeba beach Brazil sunset

Sunset on Boipeba beach, Brazil

But as Boipeba is possibly my favourite place in the whole of North East Brazil I wanted to share some other Boipeba hidden gems too. First off, Boipeba has some of the best beaches in Brazil, it’s just that nobody knows about them!

Boipeba beach Bahia Brazil

We had the beach all to ourselves on route to Morere

As hard as it was for us to tear ourselves away from our luxury base in Bocca de Barra we decided to explore the rest of the Boipeba. I was keen to visit some of the neighbouring beaches of Tassimirim and Praia de Cueira.

Boieba beach Morere Brazil

Can you see me? Having Tassimirim beach,  Boipeba, all to myself

This involves crossing a small river so if you’re following the beach round make sure you check what time the tide comes in as you might get stuck otherwise). Both I’d heard are great for snorkelling but sadly it was raining (the heavens opened) on our excursion and the water was pretty choppy, so not ideal conditions for us to find out.

Guido's restaurant Boipeba

Guido’s restaurant in Cueira, famous for its lobster

Cueira is also home to Guido’s, a Boipeba restaurant famous for its lobster. It was closed when we walked by. It was a similar story when we arrived in the fishing village of Morere. The Paraiso (Paradise) restaurant (incidentally the owner’s name also means kind) renowned for its octopus and mocequa was also shut. This wasn’t entirely surprising as it was only around 11am. But if you’re staying nearby, or are there in the evening, both Boipeba restaurants come highly recommended by locals in the know.

Paradiso restaurant Boipeba

Paraiso restaurant in the fishing village of Morere, Boipeba

One of our favourite spots to eat in Boipeba island, Bahia’s hidden gem (Pousada Mangabeiras aside), was Cafe Echa. It may be located in one of the most touristy spots on the island, close to where the boats arrive in Bocca de Barra, but it’s still a hidden gem. Great for a mid-afternoon pick me up of coffee and cake (Sharps still raves about their chocolate fudge cake) you’d never guess from its unassuming appearance.

Cafe Echa Boipeba Brazil cake

Sharps still raves about Cafe Echa’s chocolate cake

Another area well worth checking out in Boipeba is Velha Boipeba, Boipeba old town which is literally just behind the main hub of Bocca de Barra.

Boipeba old town Bahia Brazil

Boipeba’s old town

It feels like you’ve stepped even further back in time when you walk across the quaint village square, brought into the 21st century with men on donkey carts fitted with stereos (there are no cars allowed on Boipeba island).

Boipeba island Brazil donkey

Moving with the times, stereo sound

We found a great hidden gem, a Boipeba restaurant overlooking the square called Zumbi, that served up freshly caught fish served with creamy cassava, as well as great caipirinhas.

Boipeba best fish restaurant

Freshly caught fish at

But as we discovered, you don’t have to go far on this idyllic island to come across fresh fish as fishermen sell their catches to the neighbouring restaurants.

Boipeba island Bahia fisherman

Catch of the day in Boipeba

We spent three days on Boipeba but we both agreed it wasn’t long enough – we could just have easily stayed three weeks. Salvador is one of the World Cup Cities for 2014 and if you are headed to North East Brazil I’d recommend a stop off at Bopieba, Bahia’s hidden gem. It does take a bit of effort to get there but you’ll be instantly rewarded as this Brazilian island hideaway is the perfect holiday retreat.

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