Imagine the scene. You’ve got a hot date lined up with someone super trendy. You’re really excited about where they might be taking you. Then they tell you that you’re going round to their gran’s house, for drinks in her living room. A bit weird? I’ll say, although that pretty much sums up Little Nan’s bar, the coolest new bar in Deptford.

Little Nan's bar Deptford London hidden gem

A bit like you’ve gone round to your gran’s house – Little Nan’s

Little Nan’s bar is definitely a hidden gem. Yet again it took me a while to found it. My friend Donna and I wandered down Deptford High Street trying to work out where this new secret bar was, until we realised we were practically standing in front of it (that and the bouncer told us). To be fair it is pretty easy to miss the entrance to Little Nan’s bar, an inconspicuous number 46 painted above a wooden doorway.

Little Nans bar Deptford entrance

Look out for the easy-to-miss number 46 above the doorway of Little Nan’s

Once inside Little Nan’s bar you follow a corridor along. It feels a bit like walking into a warehouse, until you reach what looks like the inside of someone’s old-fashioned living room complete with mis-matched vintage furniture, thick red curtains and lacey throws. A huge white teddy bear perched in a chair and an old TV set with white noise and little Nan’s painted on it are just a few of the weird and wonderful nicknacks that greet you as you walk through the door.

Little Nans Deptford bar London

Tigers and teapots at the bar in Little Nan’s

Originally set up as a pop-up bar, Little Nan’s bar has been open for four months and this hidden gem is now a permanent fixture of London’s bar scene. It’s also possible to hire out Little Nan’s bar as a location for photoshoots or hire it out for private parties.

Little Nan's bar Deptford afternoon-tea

Afternoon tea just like your nan’s

And on the last Sunday of every month Little Nan’s bar holds afternoon tea and cocktail parties, £15  for unlimited tea, a cocktail and homemade sweet and savoury treats which sounds like great value for money. Speaking of which, there’s also the chance to pick up a bargain at the monthly top table sale (also held on the last Sunday of every month) which takes place just outside the entrance to Little Nan’s bar and in the walkway.

Little Nans bar Deptford mug

Treated like Royalty at Little Nan’s

The night we checked it out there was a girlie birthday party going on. Tristan, a Deptford local who runs Little Nan’s bar, told me that if it’s your birthday Nan creates and names a special cocktail to celebrate. It’s little touches like this, and the fact that Donna’s rum and coke was served in a dainty china tea cup and my orange juice was presented to me in a Royal mug, that make Little Nan’s bar in Deptford a real hidden gem.

Little Nan's bar Deptford London

The coolest bar in Deptford

And strange as it might sound Little Nan’s bar is actually a pretty good place to go on a date. It’s a small space which makes it pretty intimate. And there are lots of quirks that make great talking points – the pierrot wallpaper (which reminded me of a slightly creepy duvet cover I had growing up) and the eclectic mix of teapots. So if you do get taken round to someone’s grandparent’s house for drinks you’ll be in good hands if they make you feel as welcome as Little Nan.

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