I’ve started to get quite into the current series of Dragon’s Den. The newest Dragon to the team, Hilary Devey, made her millions as CEO of a haulage company and although she appears to be a bit scary actually has a great sense of humour. And it goes without saying that it’s always entertaining to see some of the more deluded members of the public who think they’ve got the best  invention since sliced bread.

But there are also some brilliant ideas too – like Tipsy Feet, who featured on Dragon’s Den way back in 2007. Tipsy feet are fold-away shoes are perfect for the night after a night out.

There are other makes of after-party pumps on the market but what makes Tipsy Feet a real hidden gem is the range of styles they come in. I was torn between the Tipsy Feet animal print and the Tipsy Feet shoes I opted for in the end, these funky blue and white striped nautical shoes. For fold-up shoes Tipsy Feet are actually pretty good quality – as you can see from the pic above the soles actually have some grip on them.

The other thing I love about Tipsy Feet is that they come in a really cool pouch. It kind of looks like a make-up bag and wouldn’t look out of place in your handbag. Tipsy Feet are great shoes to wear on the go – you can change into them on route home if your feet are hurting after a night out. The pouch also transforms into a beach bag style carrier you can pop your heels into. Ideal  for a quick and comfy change after a meeting or interview, if you’re like me and are far too old and sensible these days to go out and get tipsy. Click here for my post on QVC’s comfy heels



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